Lead Academy

LEAD Academy is made up of 3 parts which work together as a whole. we have successfully completed the pilot course and are looking to re-start in October, 2018. The next course will focus on spiritual leadership and how we can draw on skills that can help us as we grow in our calling.


6 Academy Sessions

An evening module with all the participants across EMCF together. These will include a mix of teaching and interaction with one another.


A 24 hour Encounter Retreat

An opportunity to ‘get away’ for 24 hours and encounter God as part of the programme. This year we will be at Launde Abbey in Leicestershire.


3 Coaching Evenings

Additional evenings in smaller groups, rotating around the region with Mark and Nesta, discussing topics in a participant’s home. We will rotate the location of these between Derby, Nottingham and Leicester so at least one will be closer to home.

What will be covered during LEAD Academy?

Over the course of LEAD we will cover the following aspects and themes:

  • Leading and Building Teams
  • Discovering and exploring your calling
  • Discerning Direction and Decision Making
  • Leading through Change: Spiritual and Human
  • Welcoming and working with people not like ourselves
  • Running the Race: Faith, Risk and Adventure
  • Resilience, Boundaries & Stress
  • People Skills: relating and leading at all levels
  • Growing in authority and winning hearts
  • Handling crises & Problem solving
  • Dealing with obstacles
  • Developing Emotional intelligence
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What are the requirements for being on LEAD Academy?

This is an invite-only programme for emerging leaders across EMCF.

  • Already leading in some context e.g. a Missional Community;
  • Have the potential to lead and make disciples at the next level;
  • Are willing to participate and contribute positively to LEAD Academy;
  • Are already in a discipling relationship in the context of a huddle or on a one-to-one basis and will continue to participate in this during the programme;
  • Sense the call of God to leadership, not necessarily just in your vocation but in the church as well;
  • Are willing to learn how to discover aspects of your character, capacity and calling which you have not yet identified.