Welcome to Reach

Reach is one church with many locations. We are a dynamic, missional and apostolic movement; one that compels us to expand out in locations where we are currently and into others beyond. Essentially we as a church are called to Go, Pland and Build!

Our current locations:

Reach Derby is a 'family on mission together' transforming networks, neighbourhoods and nations one life at a time.

Reach Nottingham is our latest church planting initiative is a new city wide church in Nottingham. We meet in homes and communities with monthly celebrations. Also incorporates Reach Eastwood. 

Reach Leicester is a thriving church in the heart of Leicester. Also incorporates Reach Lutterworth.

Reach Belperis a group of people from all kinds of backgrounds who are committed to living out the Christian faith in a relevant and practical way. 

Our leader training programme


LEAD Academy is a joined-up approach to leadership development across Reach

Local teams will be identifying, training and releasing leaders at all levels. As we believe we are Better Together, this is one of the things we are choosing to do as Reach. We use the term ‘Level 2’ to help describe this next stage of leadership which will involve specific input, deeper reflection, support and on-going encouragement.

How does it Work?

LEAD Academy is made up of 3 parts which work together as a whole. It commences in Autumn 2018 and will run over a 12-month period.